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UG/PG Student Projects Guided

Electronic Devices

Samar Ansari's Research InterestsSemiconductor Physics
Special Diodes: Schottky, Varactor, LED, Photodiode
Diode Applications
Transistors: BJT, MOSFET
Biasing Techniques, Small Signal Analysis
Single-Transistor Amplifier Configurations
Frequency Response of Single Stage Amplifiers

M. Tech. Dissertations

  1. Digitally programmable analog signal processing circuits
  2. A Novel Current–Mode Neuron for Artificial Neural Networks
  3. Study and Application of a Nonlinear Feedback Neural Network

M. Tech. Projects

  1. Electronically tunable voltage and current-mode analog filters

B. Tech. Projects

  1. Non-linear feedback neural network for the solution of linear programming problems
  2. Electronically tunable mixed-mode filters and oscillators
  3. Digitally programmable analog signal processing circuits
  4. Switched – Capacitor circuits
  5. CMOS analog circuit for solving system of linear equations
  6. Image Forensics
  7. Low power current-mode neural network for solving linear equations
  8. Digitally controlled fully-differential multifunctional filters
  9. Dual-X CCII and its applications in analog signal processing
  10. Chaos based secure communication system
  11. Laser guided secure speech communication system
  12. Low power neural circuit for solving linear equations
  13. Electronically tunable mixed mode chaos generator
  14. Current-mode Linear Equation Solver
  15. DXCCII and its applications in Analog Signal Processing
  16. Digitally controlled oscillator based on KHN biquad using DCBOTA
  17. A neural network based circuit of Sudoku solver

IETE Undergraduate (B.E.) Projects

  1. Digitally Controlled Oscillators
  2. Electronically Tunable Voltage-mode and Current-mode Universal Filters
  3. Voltage-mode Multifunctional Filters Using DVCCs

IETE Diploma Engineering Projects

  1. Analog Filters and Oscillator using Operational Amplifiers

Analog Electronics

Samar Ansari's Research InterestsDifferential Pair, SIngle and Multistage Amplifiers
Power Amplifiers: Class A, AB, B, C, D
Design of operational amplifiers
Applications: Precision Rectifiers, Peak Detectors, Sample and Hold Circuits, Bi-phase amplifier, Log & antilog converters, Schmitt trigger, Monostable & Astable Multivibrators, Square wave, Triangular wave generators, voltage controlled oscillators, Quadrature oscillators

ANalog IC Design

Samar Ansari's Research InterestsAnalog signal processing, Current Feedback Opamp,
Voltage and Current references, Analog Multipliers,
BiCMOS Amplifier, GaAs amplifier,
Switched Capacitor Resistor Emulation & Applications
Programmable capacitor arrays
Field Programmable Analog Arrays
Analog layout techniques

VLSI Fabrication

Samar Ansari's Research Interests  

signals and systems

Samar Ansari's Research Interests  

neural networks

Samar Ansari's Research Interests  

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